The internet can be a great asset, but can also leave you vulnerable to identify theft, fraud, and other scams. It is important to always be aware of the ways to be safe and secure online, and we have five quick, easy tips that are essential to follow and can make all the difference!

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Tip #1 Always Keep Software up to date

Keeping your systems on automatic updates is a simple and easy way to help keep yourself protected without having to think about it. Updates are critical to operating systems, browser plug-ins  and firewalls

Tip #2 Ride on the Side of Caution

Phishing scams are a constant threat-cyber criminals are always trying to trick individuals to divulge personal or corporate information, login credentials, and much more. Through email, phone, text, or social networking; if you were not expecting it, be weary of it! Avoid clicking link or attachments in these emails or texts, and never reply with personal information without verifying the source

Tip#3 Passwords Matter

We know you have too many passwords to manage, and it is easier to reuse the same one. Password management is crucial in online safety and should not be taken lightly.

Use long passwords- 20 characters

Strong mix of characters

Never share or write passwords down

Passwords should be changed every 90 days.

      Tip # 4 Never Leave One to Their Own Devices

If you are not on it- LOCK IT! When walking away from a laptop, tablet, or phone for any amount of time, be sure to lock it so no one else can access your information. If you save sensitive information to flash drives or external hard drives, make sure to keep them with you at all times.

Tip #5 Never Say Never

You are a target to hackers. Never say “It can’t happen to me” Living in a technological era, we are all at risk and stakes are high when it comes to cyber security. Always be sure to follow tips, security, and remain vigilant on doing your part to keep yourself secure!

Stefania Riccitelli

Digital Marketing Coordinator