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Commercial Lending

Our Commercial Lending team of knowledgeable professionals understands what it takes to get business done in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We strive to become a vital business partner by building a strong working relationship and sharing your business vision.

Commercial Lending services available at Rhinebeck Bank:


Term Loans: business loans used to help finance the acquisition of equipment, vehicles and other fixed assets. In addition, these loans can be used for permanent working capital needed to expand your business. The term of the loan, typically in a range of three (3) to seven (7) years, is matched to the economic life of the assets being purchased.

Lines of Credit: a solution for the short-term borrowing needs of a business. A business owner can easily use a line of credit to access funds to finance accounts receivables, purchase inventory, take advantage of seasonal opportunities and alleviate temporary cash flow shortages.

Commercial Mortgages: mortgage financing used to purchase and refinance commercial real estate properties. In addition, construction mortgages are available to improve existing properties or develop new sites.

Master Commitments: a revolving credit agreement providing a business access to capital for both short-term and long-term needs. Availability of funds is for a specified time period and can fluctuate as loans are granted and repaid.

US Small Business Administration "SBA": loan programs backed by the US Government are attractive to start up or expanding businesses. SBA programs include the SBA Express program, 7A program and the SBA 504 program.

Letters of Credit: a credit instrument used to support various situations including performance bonds, satisfactory performance under a contract and payments to a vendor. The letter of credit lends support to the creditworthiness of a business in both domestic and foreign transactions.

*All financing subject to credit and underwriting approval, certain terms and restrictions may apply.


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